Got lost. 1

I vaguely remember the thing.
I think I was about two years old.

I took a bath at a house of strangers.
Maybe they are husband and wife.
When I got out of the bath,
she said” See! She became cute when I cleaned her.”
And he said “Right.”
They nodded to each other.

I was very cute until about five years old.
But, I wasn’t clean.

After that, the meal came out.
I was very hungry.
When I try to eat it, she said to me “Please tell me ITADAKIMASU.”
Then she said happily “Please. ”

After a short time, the doorbell rang.
And my mother appeared.
She said “Oh baby! … I’m sorry. She may get lost.”
She hung up me and we got home.
Then the woman made a sad face.